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It is very important that you check your Canada Credit Reports at least once a year. Here is how you can get both your Equifax and TransUnion reports for Free. It is very important to request both your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports and not just one.



Things To Remember

Please note that the Free Credit Request forms don’t provide the credit score unless you pay extra but I don’t suggest paying for the credit score as the one provided is not the one that the Banks in Canada use.

For the 3rd party free credit score sites, they provide the score which is also not the score that the banks use. Although the score is useless, it is still very important to review all the information is correct on the report.

To learn how to have a high score you can read my book or have a one-on-one review your credit reports. You can also subscribe to our free YouTube channel, Credit TV for more ways to increase your credit score in Canada.