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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Both Equifax and TransUnion are legally required to provide a way for you to check your credit and open up a request to correct your report, free of charge. If you would like to proceed with them directly you can reach out to them online at Equifax.ca and TransUnion.ca.

We are here to help those that have already tried and failed or those that don’t want to wait hours on the phone and waste months battling through the process on your own. We do it quickly and properly so you don’t have to.

The score can jump up within 30 days but it depends on your situation. During the Pro Analysis of your both your Equifax and TransUnion reports we will provide you with a more exact time frame.
Absolutely not! We only help your score and we are not a debt program so our company won’t show up under your public records.
No, if you already have a copy of your Equifax and TransUnion reports you can email or fax them to us, however we can order them on your behalf. The cost for us to obtain the reports on your behalf is already included in the price.
No. If you have internet and a computer or tablet, I can share my screen with you. This will allow us to be looking at the exact same thing, as if we are meeting person. If you don’t have a computer or tablet, we can review everything verbally through the phone.

We have exclusive access to both Equifax and TransUnion – no overseas call center for you

100% Canadian. Although we can help Canadians living elsewhere or those that are recently immigrated, we only fix Canadian Credit.
We have had rush files updated within hours. Regular files are generally updated within 7 to 15 days 90% of the time. A lot depends on the creditor and the issue.
We may need supporting documentation, signatures, or ID in order to obtain your reports or to complete a dispute. After the Pro Analysis of your file you be provided an email with everything that is needed.
Not from us. All money provided to us is for your consultation and to dispute the errors on your behalf. We are not responsible for any 3rd party expenses, for example, settling your debt or providing the deposit for a secured credit card.